UK election reflection - An ode to uncertainty

Author: Mike Paterson | Category: News

It's been a difficult time in the UK since the General Election

Whilst attention remains firmly on the awful events of the Grenfell Tower fire, and our thoughts go out to all who have suffered and continue to do so, I'd like to offer this little bit of light relief for your week-end reading.

As per my BOE post yesterday I was playing in a charity golf day on Thursday and after a very indifferent round I was chatting to one of my playing partners, Jeff Spencer  (70+ years of age and a veteran of the energy industry at very high level ) over a very welcome cold beer or two.

We talked UK economy, BOE, Brexit et al and Jeff then produced this delightful poem that he has kindly allowed me to share with you.


                    Election Reflection

Theresa called the election and people asked why

When to increase her majority turned out to be pie in the sky

Jeremy won although in reality he lost

And Theresa won but at what cost ?

Her party unhappy and filled with far less than glee

Even after she had formed an alliance with the DUP

So Theresa's still in but could very soon be out

Which comes as no surprise because that's what politics is about

Conservatives now ponder while the Labour party sings

And Boris sits plotting while he waits in the wings

Jeremy's promises of free child care and more

increased his popularity and he gained votes galore

And those who spoke out that he'd leave Labour routed

Are now saying even louder that he was never ever doubted.

The Queens Speech to come with its proposed legislation

Might just squeeze through although there's much speculation

Theresa will need friends more than ever before

Otherwise from Number 10 she'll be out of that door

So Brexit negotiations will now start as planned

With the worry that from the Single Market we could be banned

Why did we vote Out? - many are asking the same

Was it all just part of a political game?

So the moral of the story from the Referendum and Election

Is that gambling is not good for the nation's protection

And that politicians are human, and not always bright

Because the only time they're truly expert is when it comes to hindsight.

Jeff Spencer June 2017

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