Session Wraps - Major Forex Headlines wrapped up by trading session

Author: Mike Paterson

Forex news from the European trading session - 18 January 2018


Another lively session albeit not as volatile as previous 24 hours. Cryptos find some dip demand and CHF buying also notable amid general USD supply

Here's your p/a summary:
  • Bitcoin finds support below 11,000 and rallies to test 12,000
  • GBPUSD  supported into 1.3820 to rally and post 1.3891
  • EURUSD  supported below 1.2200 again and posts 1.2253
  • USDJPY failed to get above 111.50 and retreats to 111.20
  • USDCHF falls steadily to post 0.9592 from 0.9655
  • EURCHF fails to climb back over 1.1780 and falls to 1.1733
  • AUDUSD rallies from 0.7940 lows again to test 0.8000 only to fail again
  • NZDUSD makes steady progress from 0.7260 to 0.7302
  • USDCAD mostly flat lined between 1.2435-60 with jury still out on BOC
  • Oil trading a little softer with WTI sell interest around $64.00
  • Gold gently better bid between $1328-1332
SAR interest rate decision coming up at 13.00 GMT then US data and ECB's Coeure speech that might have impact in these ever fragile conditions.

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Author: Eamonn Sheridan

Forex and Bitcoin news for Asia trading Thursday 18 January 2018  

There was plenty of news and data today. It kicked off with oil stockpile data from the US for the most recent week, showing a larger than expected draw and another support point for the oil price.

On to forex - we had comments following from Federal Reserve officials, Mester, Evans, Kaplan at various talks, Q&A's and pressers.  While there was disagreement on the expected pace of rate hikes between them there was agreement the economy is performing well; and none of it slowed the gains for the USD. It was a solid session for the USD, with gains in late North America trade carrying on into early Asia and then some sideways since then without much of a retrace at all.

Later, the Australian dollar managed a pop in response to better than expected jobs data (jobs data beat again) but the higher AUD/USD was not sustained and as I update its net down a little but above its lows. NZD/USD followed a similar pattern.

After the Bank of Canada announcement Wednesday US time the CAD did little here in Asia today.

USD/JPY has managed to hold onto its gains and is on its session high as I update. Its worth checking out the bullet above on remarks reported from unnamed BOJ officials. There does seem to be movement being contemplated for policy ... but not yet.

Cable and USD/CHF are both little changed after their weakness in the US afternoon.

Bitcoin had a notable move - a USD2,000-odd bounce. Which is a bit of a change for it from recent days and is likely indicative of some stability present, at least for now. We'll see. More ban/regulate chatter from South Korea again today, but the 'boy who cried wolf' effect seems to be once again taking hold. A lot of talk, but not action forthcoming as yet.

ps. Stay tuned for the China data due at 0700 GMT:

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Author: Adam Button

Forex news for US trading on January 17, 2018


  • Gold down $9 to $1329
  • WTI crude up 15-cents to $63.88
  • S&P 500 up 26 points to 2802
  • US 10-year yields up 3 bps to 2.57%
  • GBP leads, JPY lags

It's been a wild day in just about every market out there. The dollar was all over the place as it sank for most of the day then started on a big reversal after the Beige Book.

EUR/USD climbed up to 1.2290 from 1.2200 and it looked like the dollar-rout was back on but in the past few hours it's completely turned around and the euro is slated to close at the lows at 1.2182.

USD/CAD was a big focus on the day and the BOC added an extra but of drama to the US trade. The pair jumped on the headlines, sensing a dovish hike but a second long and the BOC press conference made the market a bit less confident and the pair dropped back to 1.2375 from a high of 1.2520. But along with everywhere else, the dollar is in a bounce at the moment and it's back up to 1.2435, which is basically flat on the day.

USD/JPY finished at the best levels of the week at 111.30 after finding support a few times near 110.60. Rising Treasury yields are helping to underpin USD/JPY and the US dollar in general.

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Author: Mike Paterson

Forex news from the European trading session - 17 January 2018


Attention focussed on cryptos again after further bearish stories out of China but fx pairs have provided a bit(coin) of opportunity too after Asian lows for the USD got bought by bulls again

Here's the p/a summary:
  • Bitcoin falls to test 10,000 after failing to get back through 12,000
  • GBPUSD holds 1.3750 and tests 1.3800 again before capping
  • EURUSD holds 1.2210 but caps at 1.2250 and retreats back 1.2205 amid more dovish rhetoric from ECB
  • EURGBP falls to 0.8855 after failing above 0.8900 again
  • USDJPY fails into 111.00 and falls back to test 110.60 before bouncing to 110.80
  • USDCHF makes steady progress from 0.9620 to 0.9650 but tempered by EURCHF supply
  • AUDUSD holds 0.7940 and looks to test 0.7980 again
  • NZDUSD rallies from 0.7240 but caps at 0.7280
  • Focus on BOC later sees USDCAD tightly bound between 1.2430-60
  • Oil tried to rally but failed with WTI capping around $63.80 and falling to 63.35
  • Gold fell to $1334 from $1343
Data out next at 14.15 GMT then focus on BOC interest rate decision at 15.00 GMT

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