Russia’s Lavrov says Ukraine is ” crudely violating” the Geneva agreement

Author: Mike Paterson | Category: News
  • the Ukrainian authorities are taking steps which crudely violate last week’s Geneva accord
  • Kiev failing to remove illegal protests from squares in the capital
  • killings in Slaviansk were a crime, shows Kiev does not want to control extremists
  • Washington should take responsibility for Kiev rulers instead of giving Russia ultimatums
  • attempts to isolate Russia will fail

Russian foreign minister unsurprisingly on the front foot. BBC carries more here

Markets unsurprisingly calm given that few interbanks desks are open.

GBPUSD has capped at 1.6820 where I suggested it might earlier and now back to 1.6810. EURCHF slipped to 1.2195 from 1.2201 but stayed there. USDCHF has found a couple of bids at 0.8820 while EURUSD has drifted back to 1.3822 from 1.3830 highs. USDJPY still 102.53.