Fitch ratings says Geopolitical tensions rise; China hard landing risk recedes

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

Reuters with some headlines from the latest from Fitch: 1Q17 edition of Risk Radar Asia-Pacific (APAC) report.

  • A rise in regional geopolitical tensions and trade protectionism risks counteract the lower near-term risks of a hard landing for China's economy
  • Despite signs that there is greater awareness of rising financial risks, reliance on credit expansion by Chinese policymakers to support the economy continues
  • Medium-term macroeconomic imbalances are expected to build this year
  • Fitch expects sharper increases in US interest rates in the next several years than markets currently factor in
  • Together with a potential rise in trade protectionism, APAC economies may face key external risks
  • Tensions on the Korean peninsula, if allowed to escalate further, may bring additional disruptions to regional stability
Pretty much agree on the China & Asia comments. Given what's happening in the US recently I'm not quite so sure the Fed will be so gung-ho on hikes.
Baked beans, guns, ammo, bunkers - yes.
Rate hikes - nah.