The Bullard-train gets rolling

Author: Adam Button | Category: Central Banks

St. Louis Fed President James Bullard loves to give a speech but he’s really out-doing himself today.

He just started a speech in Kentucky, will give a second one at 3:15 ET (1915 GMT) and will speak to the media at 4:40 ET (2040 GMT).

His first comments are on inflation, saying it ‘hasn’t materialized so far’ but that he sees ‘a lot of risk going forward’.


  • There has not been much indication so far that inflation is ticking back up toward the 2% target
  • Important for Fed credibility that 2% target is hit, inflation running low
  • Doesn’t see ‘much evidence’ of impact from sequester
  • US should think about shrinking too-big-to-fail banks
  • Sees Japan as a ‘huge monetary policy experiment’