Incoming schedule for today

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: Central Banks

There are some economic data releases coming up regarding New Zealand, China and Japan over the rest of today. The big news we await is, of course, the Eurogroup meeting in Brussels – they are earning their paychecks, its after 1.30am there and the meeting is still going. Maybe its turned into a party?

At 0200GMT we get Credit Card statistics out of New Zealand – the item of interest is the total billings on credit cards in NZ for October.

  • Prior (for Sept.) was +1.5% (S.A., YoY)

Also at 0200GMT the Conference Board release their Leading Economic Indicator for China, for October.

  • Prior (for September) was a 0.3% increase (Index read 241.2).

Later, at 0500GMT, the BOJ release a summary of their Monthly Report of Recent Economic and Financial Developments. Expect this to be pretty downbeat, as has been well telegraphed.

  • Hardcore insomniacs will have to wait 26 1/2 hours for the release of the full text of this monthly report (i.e. 0730GMT on Nov. 22nd).