Fed's Fischer says downside risks abroad 'noticeably smaller'

Author: Adam Button | Category: Central Banks

Comments from Stanley Fischer

  • China's economy appears to be on 'more solid footing'
  • Emerging markets better able to withstand Fed hikes
  • Spillovers should be manageable
  • Brexit hasn't led to significant market turmoil
  • Market reaction to Dec and March hikes 'seems benign'
  • Expects US policy normalization will be gradual
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Key quote: "I expect that U.S. policy normalization will be gradual under likely scenarios for the evolution of output and inflation. A gradual and ongoing removal of accommodation seems likely both to maximize the prospects of a continued expansion in the U.S. economy and to mitigate the risk of undesirable spillovers abroad."

In the great tradition of markets humbling policymakers, a risk from abroad will now hammer the US economy and markets.