Trumps Budget Said To Include Family Leave, 6 Weeks Paid Leave To New Mum & Dads

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

That's via LiveSquawk

Actually, there are a few bits and bobs on the budget proposal hitting now.
Its due for release next Tuesday (May 23)
Via WSJ:
  • President Donald Trump next week will propose the U.S. can balance the federal budget over 10 years
  • Substantial cuts to safety-net programs such as food stamps and other anti-poverty efforts
  • Combined with a tax and regulatory overhaul that speeds up the nation's economic growth rate, a senior White House budget official said
  • Will spare the two largest drivers of future spending-Medicare and Social Security-leaving trillions in cuts from other programs
  • Includes discretionary spending cuts to education, housing, environment programs and foreign aid already laid out by the administration, in addition to new proposed reductions to nondiscretionary spending like food stamps, Medicaid and federal employee-benefit programs.
More here from the Journal, may be gated. Light on details though. It might be best to wait until Tuesday and get it officially.
I'm pretty sure each ForexLive blogger will be given a pony, but I don't see it in the Journal piece.