Trump: Tax reform will happen pretty quickly

Author: Adam Button | Category: News

Finally something about the economy and taxes

  • "Tax reform is going to happen pretty quickly"
  • We'll be submitting healthcare legislation in early March
  • If Russia and the US actually got together and got along... believe me that would be good
  • Maybe I'm not going to be able to do a deal with Russia, but at least I tried
  • Does anyone believe Hilary Clinton would be tougher on Russia than me
  •  Trump intends to rescind the travel order and replace it next week some time
  • We had a smooth rollout on travel ban but a bad court
  • "Nobody that I know of had contact with Russia during the election"
  • "I'm the least racist, least anti-Semitic person around"

He yelled "not good" about a bunch of Russian incursions.