Trump remarks on Comey, Russia crossing

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

Trump press conference with Colombian President Santos

  • No collusion with Russia, investigation is a witch hunt
  • Says we have to get back to running the country
  • Says he did not ask FBI director Comey to end Flynn investigation
  • Says Comey was very unpopular
  • Says he thought firing Comey would be a bipartisan decision
  • Will announce new FBI director very soon
  • We want to focus our energy on jobs, healthcare reform and tax cuts  

We really should throw open the 'new FBI Director' nomination to ForexLive traders. Who would be good? I reckon that chick from Law and Order SVU is pretty good. What about her?
Oh, here we go ... Columbian President Santos speaking now:
  • Says the FTA with US is working well