Trudeau: The US has a $400m dairy trade surplus with Canada

Author: Adam Button | Category: News

Trudeau fires back about dairy

  • Don't pretend we're a global free market on agriculture
  • Every country protects its agricultural industries
  • We're not going to overreact, we're going to lay out the facts
  • The supply management system works well in Canada
  • We're in what seems to be a post-TPP world
  • Says Trump 'listens', there's an opportunity to engage
  • We've shown the many benefits of trade
  • Won't make predictions about US policies, says adding taxes or regulation would be really problematic
  • I don't think people who promoted a border tax have thought it through
  • We've very much interested in growing relationships with Asia
  • Sees positive signs in growth and domestic investment
  • We have the lowest debt-to-GDP in G7
  • Canada will prepare workers for automation, which is creating anxiety

Earlier this week, Trump targeted Canadian dairy.

"Very unfair things have happened to our Wisconsin dairy farmers in Canada," Trump said. "We're going to start working on it today."