Merkel says UK to be treated fairly after Brexit but it will come at a price

Author: Mike Paterson | Category: News

Statement out from the German chancellor a short while ago 19 May

  • EU must offset trade disadvantages with UK
  • talks to begin 9 June, day after UK election

I wonder how she'll get on with Jeremy Corbyn ? lol

Never say never. Stranger things have happened in the past 12 months eh?

Meanwhile a senior CDU source of Reuters says:

  • Germany could amend labour laws to make it easier to hire/fire top bankers post Brexit

There'll be a few people applauding that.

GBPUSD clinging to 1.3000 still EURGBP 0.8582 GBPJPY 144.82

               Merkel vs May still the likely big match in June