Markets loving a bit of risk trading this morning in Europe

Author: Mike Paterson | Category: News

Risk positive sentiment prevailing again 19 May

It's been a roller coaster few days and now with oil and equities rising again we've seen risk-positive sentiment back in play.

Yen selling notable as USDJPY holds firm with GBPSUD breaking Up through 1.3000 again with GBPJPY rallying strongly to 145.34 from 144.00

Yen pairs all on the rise with CADJPY also a prime mover with oil prices rallying as per my previous posts

Earlier I highlighted sell interest on USDJPY between 111.50-60 and that's helping to cap that and yen/core pairs for the moment so let's see if the move gathers more momentum to take it through. We've come back a long way from the lows so not unreasonable to suggest we might pause for breath.