Japan Suga: China’s seizure of ship extremely regrettable, may lead to adverse impact on Japan business in China

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News
  • A Chinese court says it has seized a Japanese shipping firm’s cargo ship in Zhejiang Province for failing to pay compensation according to its ruling
  • The Shanghai maritime court made the announcement on Saturday
  • In 2007, the court ordered Mitsui O.S.K. Lines to pay compensation of about 30 million dollars for unpaid leasing fees for 2 ships. They were used around the time of the Japan-China war that broke out in 1937

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Japan chief cabinet secretary Suga, commenting today said:

  • China’s seizure of Mitsui OSK ship extremely regrettable
  • May lead to adverse impact on Japan business in China
  • Requesting China government to provide information on Mitsui ship seizure
  • Japan government expects Chinese government to take appropriate action on Mitsui OSK matter

Suga is speaking in Tokyo. On unrelated matters he adds:

  • Japan, US remain far apart on TPP talks (more here on this from earlier in the weekend)
  • Japan trade deficit expected to gradually narrow