Hammond says UK election will give clear mandate for Brexit talks

Author: Mike Paterson | Category: News

UK finance minister in Washington for the G20 meeting 21 April

  • UK economy is resilient
  • strong consumer confidence

Really ? Perhaps he missed this morning's retail sales data on the way in.

Typically delusional politician talking his book.

  • strong momentum behind a UK-US trade deal

Yep, good luck with that one.

  • UK govt needs to restate fiscal mandate in next parliament
  • new Conservative manifesto will be different
  • can't manage economy now with 2015 manifesto

Oh, here we go.. Change in manifesto/fiscal programme? . Cue another kicking for the pound. GBPUSD down through range lows triggering the  stops I highlighted earlier to 1.2757 on the uncertainty before bouncing back.

Anyhow I have to head off now. Massive game tomorrow for the mighty Shrimpers and we're making a weekend of it.

See you all back here Monday. Good trading and week-end to you all.

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