French presidential candidate Macron says euro may not exist in 10 years

Author: Eamonn Sheridan | Category: News

I don't know if this got a run on ForexLive overnight, noting it now

Remarks from French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron.
  • He is standing as an independent candidate in this year's presidential election
  • Macron was economy minister under Socialist President Francois Hollande
  • Macron resigned last year
What's wrong with the euro::
  • "The dysfunctioning of the euro is of good use to Germany
  • The euro is a weak Deutsche Mark
  • The status quo is synonymous, in 10 years' time, with the dismantling of the euro."
What to do about it:
  • "The truth is that we must collectively recognise that the euro is incomplete and cannot last without major reforms
  • It has not provided Europe with full international sovereignty against the dollar on its rules. It has not provided Europe with a natural convergence between the different member states"
  • He wants a euro zone budget that will finance growth-oriented investments, and to lend financial assistance to struggling member states
He sounds like a politician. Funny that.