EU's Juncker tells May that Brexit talks will begin after 8 June election

Author: Mike Paterson | Category: News

EU spokesman out with a statement 19 April

  • Juncker spoke on the phone with May yesterday evening (Tues)
  • real political negotiations on Article 50 will start after the elections
  • no issue with this as they were due to start in June anyway
  • UK election is a domestic issue, EU will not intervene

Oh really ? Like they didn't say a word during the Brexit campaign...

  • EU Commission calls for quick decision on post Brexit move of EBA and EMA from London to EU
  • UK will have no say on the matter, not part of Brexit talks

Who's going to pay the redundancy packages ? But yes fair enough that they can't stay in UK after Brexit.

   "Oh and another thing, we won't shhhaaaay a word during the elecshun campaign"