EUR/USD getting all excited as retail sales flunk again

Author: Ryan Littlestone | Category: News

Author: Ryan Littlestone

It’s like a dog that has been kept indoors all day and is now just being let off the lead at the park.

1.3400 is toast as the dollar comes off, we dropped back slightly below 1.3400 but have now gotten a second wind to take us up to 1.3410. Look for mild resistance at 1.3420 and stronger at 1.3440/45.

USD/JPY has knocked another 10 odd pips lower to 102.22 and there’s support here at 102.20.

AUD/USD has buted 0.9300 to 0.9315 while cable is still being shackled by EUR/GBP which has broken to 0.8015. If we test and hold above the July 2013 downtrend resistance and 55 dma then we could confirm the break.

EUR/GBP Daily chart 13 08 2014

EUR/GBP Daily chart 13 08 2014

The euro is free!!

The euro is free!!

TYO +9

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