Bingo bango off we go. Euro smokes 1.3000 good and proper

Author: Ryan Littlestone | Category: News

No messing this time. Right through to 1.3017 1.3029 and USD/JPY craps out to 101.08.

USD/CHF is now off over 80 pips since the session start down to 0.9877.

European stocks are holding gains and staying clear of the mess.

Early US stock prices are pointing to a flat open.

US 10’s are back down from highs at 2.1574% to 2.1172%

DXY was last at 83.42

EUR/USD just pushing above the 200 dma at 1.3020.

eurusddaily 30 05 2013


Cable is trundling up to 1.5200 again but EUR/GBP is making it work hard for the gains.

EUR/GBP is stalling into offers at 0.8590 as it has done on several occasions.

eurgbph4 30 05 2013